To keep myself sane

Hellooo wordpress!
Just read my last post, its 3 years ago. Where I in last 3 years?
A lot of things happened during the last 3 years. I’m get married, pregnant, have a baby, move job from Karawang to Bandung as microbiologist, move to PPIC, and right now as WH supervisor. In every stage of my life I got so much stories (and drama) that I can’t describe and explain in here.
So right now, I was at the point where I have to reveal my mind to stay sane. I’m working mom, have own home without assistant. I have superb active toddler and of course I have a husband.
Every morning my child (nadia) transfer to my mother home with my husband. I know he tired must transfer and pick up her every day. But right now this is the best thing for me & nadia. Every day I also thinking, when it will ended? If ended, I also ended my career. I’m still not ready for this. Financially rely to him and loss of power. But it will be. I must prepare what I will do after this ended.
On the weekend, Nadia fully with me (playing, eating, sleeping etc). I also cleaning home, cooking, cleaning clothes etc. Monday-Friday I’m working, on the night take care nadia. On the weekend my life fully for my family.
Jadi manusiawi kan kalo saya kadang stress dan butuh waktu sendiri. Kadang pengen jalan jalan sendiri kaya waktu single. Kadang pengen tidur seharian, guling guling mandinya magrib (I miss that a MOST)

After almost 3 years married life I will inform you something (not advising, just sharing)
1. Married it’s not solving your problem girls.
So for you girls that thinking married will solving your problem, I will inform you: it’s NOT. It will give you another problem for upgrade your life
2. Never think your partner will be change like you want after married.
He/she have own life before married with you. He promised will stop smoking after married with you? She promised will learn cooking after married with you? He promised will clean home every day if married with you? YOU WISH IT WILL HAPPEN. If this is habit, you need a long time to change him/her
3. Lower your standard. Lower your standard. Lower your standard.
You will never see your home clean if having a toddler. If your home clean, your toddler swiftly will create a riot again :).
You will not eat a different menu every time if you don’t have assistant or you don’t have restaurant. Cooking is really tired you know.
You have messy closet because you in a rush every day to prepare work and you thinking it will be neat after you come home? Hi, your closet cannot clean by them self.

HAHA ok i think this enough. not for scare you about marriage life, i’m happy with my life right now. beside happy life, you also have something that you need strive for 🙂


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